Tamarama Remnant

Tamarama Remnant, Tamarama

Waverley Council
Land Management & Rehabilitation, Eco Construction


Despite being one of the most densely populated municipalities in Australia, Waverley has a number of unique bushland areas, many found along its famous coastal walks.  Remnant vegetation refers to areas that have escaped development and have some intact native vegetation at the site.  Mostly, this is due to its inaccessible or precarious location, such as this site.  Waverley contains six hectares of such remnant bushland which provide valuable habitat, food and shelter for local wildlife.

Since August 2018, Southern Habitat has been undertaking bush regeneration works, bank stabilisation and revegetation works to manage the previously terraced and planted area in the southern portion of this site.  The gradient of this site is steep and at the commencement of works the area was highly disturbed from adjacent developments, with shallow sandy soil and no vegetation.  


  • Primary works were undertaken including treatment and removal of Coral trees, Lantana and multiple weed vines such as Madeira Vine.  

  • The biomass was mulched and then terrace logs installed in preparation for continued weed management and plant installation.

  • Mulching of terraced area with installation of 900 native plant species with Terraform in August 2018.

  • Monthly maintenance visits ensured the planting area established well and quickly become dominated by natives.

  • IMG 3683: Tamarama Remnant Project
    IMG 3683
  • 4. Point 1 July 2019: Tamarama Remnant Project
    4. Point 1 July 2019
  • 1. Point 1 July 2018: Tamarama Remnant Project
    1. Point 1 July 2018
  • Point 6 Before: Tamarama Remnant Project
    Point 6 Before
  • Point 6 After: Tamarama Remnant Project
    Point 6 After
  • 3. Point 1 September 2018: Tamarama Remnant Project
    3. Point 1 September 2018
  • 2. Point 1 August 2018: Tamarama Remnant Project
    2. Point 1 August 2018
  • Areas worked: Tamarama Remnant Project
    Areas worked

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